To work for Wiltshire Police you need to be successfully vetted.

The following information will help you work out if you are eligible.

If you have any further questions please contact the recruitment team.

  • You must be available to attend all of the stages of the recruitment process

Our recruitment officers can answer any questions you may have and offer any support you need throughout the process.

Vetting levels

Successful applicants are subject to vetting prior to appointment. Please note there are different vetting levels depending on the type of role you are applying for, with some exceptions including individuals who work in the armed forces or government services.

Vetting Level

Minimum number of years' residency in the UK

Recruitment Vetting (RV)

Three years

Management Vetting (MV)

Five years

Non-police personnel vetting (volunteers/contractors) (NPPV)

Three years

Counter-terrorist check (CTC)

Three years

Security check (SC)

Five years

Developed vetting (DV)

Ten years

Previous convictions and cautions

You will be expected to detail all convictions and cautions (including those spent). Police National Computer (PNC) records will be checked and any omissions could affect the outcome of the vetting process. This will be reviewed on a case by case basis. This information will NOT be divulged to your family, employer or Wiltshire Police manager. For more information please visit the Home Office guidance on recruitment.


All applicants need to have resided permanently in the UK for a minimum of three years prior to applying. However if you have resided outside the UK for a time but can provide sufficient information to enable meaningful checks to be conducted in relation to that period, we will consider your application alongside the information you provide.


Applicants will not be considered if they have an existing County Court Judgement (CCJ) or have been declared bankrupt in the last three years.