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How to delete your internet history

Help is available. It is possible to escape.

How do I report domestic abuse? What if I don't want to get the police involved?

Domestic abuse is everyone's business. If it's happening to you or someone you know please report it as soon as you can. We take all reports extremely seriously.

Please call us on 101 to report your concerns. If you think you or someone else you know are in immediate danger please call 999 immediately.

We understand that you might find it difficult to report your concerns to the police. However, on the side of this page under 'Links' there is a list of support services that can also help, or you can always speak to your GP, health visitor or teacher. 

Please remember - Help is available and it is possible to escape. 

Support is available

What is domestic abuse?

Types of abuse

Psychological and emotional abuse

Sexual abuse

Financial abuse

Controlling and coercive behaviour - #CutYourStrings

Violence, intimidation and threats

What are we doing about it?

Know the signs

Practical advice if you're in an abusive relationship

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