If you're a victim or survivor of alleged child sexual offences, and:

  • the police or the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) decided not to take any further action

  • the decision was taken before 5 June 2013

you can ask the Child Sexual Abuse Review Panel (CSARP) to reconsider that decision.

If the decision was taken on or after 5 June 2013 then you might be able to use the Victims' Right to Review Scheme instead.

What the panel will do

The panel will decide if the approach taken by the police or the CPS at the time was wrong.
If the panel thinks the approach was wrong then they'll advise the police that they should reinvestigate the allegations, or advise the CPS that they should review the decision not to prosecute. What the police or CPS decide to do will be up to them.
If the panel agrees with the original decision to take no further action, you'll be told by letter and given advice and information.

Cases that can be reviewed

The panel can review cases where:

  • the allegations were previously reported to the police
  • the alleged offences were committed when the victim or survivor was under 18 years of age
  • the police or the CPS decided not to take any further action
  • the decision was taken before 5 June 2013
  • the alleged offender may still pose a risk
  • the alleged offence was committed in England and Wales

It doesn't matter if you have already asked the police or CPS to review their decision. CSARP can still consider your case.

Cases that can't be reviewed

The panel won't review cases if:

  • the victim has not previously reported the allegations to the police, as this will be a new that we will need to investigate
  • there is new evidence which means the case will be re-investigated
  • the case was investigated and the police or CPS decided not to take further action on or after 5 June 2013

How to apply for a review

If you want the panel to look at your case you can: