The South IAG covers the Salisbury Area Community Policing Team and Amesbury Community Policing Team areas.

Independent Advisory Groups (IAGs) are made up of regular members of the public who meet to advise and offer ideas to police forces on the wide range of activities that go into policing.

What's changing?

In June 2021 we made some changes to the IAGs to align better with our Community Policing Team boundaries. As a result Salisbury and Amesbury have merged in the South IAG.

This will provide an opportunity to strengthen the existing relationships between the police and community and our IAG chairs will have a singe point of contact in their local Inspector. 

What's not changing?

All operational policing remains the same and there will be no disruption to the way in which you can access or receive police services and support. You will receive the same service from your local officers, no matter which Community Policing Team you are in.

Join the IAG

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If you are interested in joining but have some questions before completing the form, please get in touch at [email protected] 

Independent Advisory Groups, known as IAGs,  were created to challenge conventional thinking, give an independent perspective on issues and to work as genuine partners with the police to improve policing, with a particular focus on diversity and the protected characteristics as covered by the Equality Act 2000:

Age Disability Gender Reassignment
Marriage and Civil Partnership Pregnancy and Maternity Race
Religion and Belief Sex Sexual Orientation

The main role is to act as a 'critical friend' to the Police.  Unlike other, more formal, groups that advise the police - such as scrutiny panels - IAGs do not offer expert or specialist advice, but exist simply to understand the viewpoints of its members.

IAGs are not made up of councillors, magistrates, politicians or other interested parties, but by ordinary members of the public with a keen interest in policing in their local area.

There are seven IAGs representing their local area across Wiltshire and Swindon and they meet up on a regular basis to advise and offer ideas to police forces on the wide range of activities that go into policing.

We also have a specific IAG focussed on Diverse Communities and issues relating to policing, diversity and inclusion - for more information on this group please visit the Diverse Communities IAG page

As critical friends, IAG members constructively advise and challenge Wiltshire Police on policies, procedures and practices and advise the Force on how to do better.

Specific tasks might involve a critical assessment of an operation, policy or incident. The aim is always to identify ways to make policing better for all.

As a member of an IAG, your input will help us to be more effective, to engage better with our public, and respond better to the needs of the community.

Join our South IAG today

Our Diverse Communities IAG represents people from all ethnic minority backgrounds who live or work in Wiltshire or Swindon.

Please visit our Diverse Communities IAG page for more information