The Business Improvement department provides information, advice and support to a range of different departments and activities in the organisation, as well as collating and presenting information required by external agencies such as the Home Office. 

The wide experience and knowledge of the team works to

  • change processes that may no longer be efficient
  • challenge thinking and complacency
  • expand horizons
  • help us work differently
  • improve effectiveness and increase capacity
  • deliver change and innovation
  • rigorously test our services to make sure that we meet the new challenges of our communities 

In other words, the department works to support the organisation being the best it can be. 

The Business Improvement department is made up of several teams:

Business Intelligence

The analysts and system developers in the business intelligence team use insight and data to help departments throughout the Force to better understand the way we perform. They also provide vital information to you through data and freedom of information requests.

Continuous Improvement

The continuous improvement team carry out a number of reviews across the organisation to test our effectiveness, embed change, adopt new lessons and identify waste, areas for improvement and good practice. The team is also responsible for reviewing the corporate risk register, organisational policies, and delivery of the Police and Crime Plan.

Systems Thinking

Systems thinking is a tool used to reduce demand and make processes more efficient. The systems thinking team looks at the processes used across multiple departments in the Force from beginning to end to help make them more cost effective and customer focused.

Programme Office

The programme office helps the organisation to make changes and implement new initiatives. The team also helps assess the benefits of new initiatives, as well as scoping potential changes on the horizon.

Demand Management

The demand management team looks at the types of demand coming into and travelling around the organisation, helping us to ensure we have the right resources, in the right place, at the right time.  

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