In the first instance all complaints must be made to Wiltshire Police.

You can make a complaint if you are:

  • A member of the public who claims that the conduct took place in relation to you 
  • A member of the public who claims to have been 'adversely' affected by the conduct, even if it did not take place in relation to you 
  • A member of the public who claims to have witnessed the conduct 
  • A person acting on behalf of someone and with written permission who falls within any of the three categories above.

What information to include:

When making your complaint, please include as much detail as possible about what happened:

  • What was said or done and by whom? Were there witnesses or evidence such as documents or photographs? 
  • The names of any staff concerned. 
  • What you would like us to do to. 
  • Please ensure that you provide your address, date of birth and a telephone number so that we are able to contact you. Without these details it will not be possible to progress enquiries into the issues raised.

What will happen next?

Your complaint will be considered and a decision made about whether or not to record it as a complaint against the Police Reform Act 2002. You will be notified of that decision within 10 working days.

If a decision is made not to record your complaint you can appeal the decision to the Independent Police Complaints Commission

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