The Sex Offenders Register is a list of people either convicted or cautioned for a specific sexual offence or who have committed a sexual offence but been found not guilty due to insanity or disability.

Those listed on the sex offenders register are required by law to meet certain requirements.

What do they need to tell the police?

  • Their current name and any aliases they use
  • Their date of birth
  • Their home address (if they don't have a main residence this means any premises in the UK where they can be regularly found).

This should be done within three days of the caution, conviction or finding, or within three days of their release from custody or any other form of detention. They must make this notification in person.

What else do they need to do?

  • Any changes to their details need to be given to the police within three days of the change (including release from prison for subsequent offences)
  • They need to have their fingerprints and photograph taken
  • Tell the police of any address where they live or stay for seven days or longer. This means either seven days at a time or a total of seven days in any 12 month period
  • If they have no fixed abode, they must tell this to the police weekly
  • If they intend to go abroad they must tell the police at least seven days before leaving
  • Tell the police if they have lived or stayed for at least 12 hours at a household or private place where an under 18 year old lives or stays
  • Give the police details of their passport, credit card and bank account details and certain other information contained in a password or other form of identification each time they make a notification
  • Give their National Insurance number to the police and be able to confirm it each time they make a notification.

They must do this in person.

Annual Notifications

At least once every 12 months, sex offenders must confirm that their notified details are correct.

  • This period begins immediately following the last notification to the police (even if this is done within the 12 month period
  • If a person is outside the UK, in prison or detained in a hospital on that date they must confirm their details within three days of their return/release.

Advance Notifications

A sex offender may change their notified details in advance:

  • If this happens, the police must be told of the date of the expected change
  • If the change takes place more than two days before the expected date, another notification must be made to the police
  • If the notified change has still not been made three days after the expected date, the police must be notified that the change has not happened, within six days of the expected date. 
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