Where is our helicopter?

The National Police Air Service (NPAS) provide police helicopters to all 43 forces.

When an incident requires helicopter air support, our control room contacts the NPAS Operations Centre in Bradford, who then dispatch the nearest available helicopter.

NPAS helicopters are crewed by one pilot and two Tactical Flight Officers who can send live camera footage directly to our control room and speak directly to our officers on the ground over the radio.

What do we use helicopters for?

  • Searching large open areas for missing people or offenders hiding from us
  • Thermal imaging cameras allows the helicopter to fly day or night
  • Track and follow vehicle pursuits.

Where does the helicopter fly from?

  • There are 15 NPAS bases in the country
  • Typically Wiltshire will be supported from RAF Benson in Oxfordshire, Filton in Bristol or Bournemouth Airport in Dorset
  • NPAS helicopters could come from further afield depending on operational availability. 

What fixed wing capability does Wiltshire Police have?

NPAS have invested in four fixed wing aircraft, to date there have not been any deployments of these aircraft in Wiltshire.

How can I find out more about police helicopters?

Visit the National Police Air Service website for more information.

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