Honour Based Abuse is a form of abuse used to control behaviour within families. It's used to protect perceived cultural or religious beliefs and/or honour.

It can happen in any community and against men and women. It happens when a perpetrator feels that a relative has shamed the family and/or community by breaking their honour code.

The abuse can take many forms and can range from threats, abusive phone calls and messages and psychological abuse through to sexual assault, rape and murder.

Why might it happen?

  • The victim may have a boyfriend or girlfriend from a different culture
  • They may wear clothes or make-up that is felt to be inappropriate by the offender
  • They might have had an affair
  • They may be part of the LGBT community
  • They might have refused an arranged marriage or be resisting a forced marriage
  • They may have been sexually assaulted or raped
  • They may not behave in a way considered to be 'traditional'.

Whatever the reason, there is no excuse for abuse.

How to report it

If you or someone you know is in immediate danger phone 999 straight away. 

If you have information in relation to honour based abuse, are a victim yourself or you think someone may be at risk call 101.

We've also compiled a list of organisations that can offer support and advice elsewhere on this page.


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