Traffic lights

Problems with permanent traffic lights need to be reported to your local council. It's only a police issue if it is a very busy or very fast road and you think it could cause an accident imminently, in which case call police on 999.

Report a faulty traffic signal to Swindon Borough Council here or call 01793 445501

Report a faulty traffic signal to Wiltshire Council here or call 0300 456 0105


Problems with temporary traffic lights should be reported to the traffic light contractor who own them. A sticker will be on the side of the traffic light or an information sign will be somewhere nearby. If you cannot find out the traffic light contractor or cannot call them directly, please contact the council on the numbers above.




Road defects should be reported directly to your local council unless the damage has just happened and is causing traffic problems, or it is so large that cars are having to take evasive action. If this is the case then please call police on 101.

Report a pothole to Swindon Borough Council here or call 01793 445501

Report a pothole to Wiltshire Council hereor call 0300 456 0105



Debris on the road

Debris in a live carriageway should be reported to us on 999 if it is dangerous.

999 is appropriate if it is a motorway or major road and cars are swerving to avoid it, causing a danger to other road users.


Debris in the road that is not dangerous should be reported to the council.

Report debris to Swindon Borough Council call 01793 445501

Report debris to Wiltshire Council call 0300 456 0105

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