Navigating social media can be challenging.

Each social media platform has lots of help and advice available for its users to protect their privacy and help keep them safe. Some of the issues users experience on social media can be dealt with locally and do not require police involvement. We've compiled some useful links for the four main social media platforms Wiltshire Police use.  

If you, or someone you know, is in immediate danger call police on 999 immediately.


Facebook Safety Centre has policies, tools and resources to help keep its users safe while using Facebook.  It's Facebook Help Centre if full of useful information like how to create a strong Facebook password and keep your account secure.

How to report things to Facebook

How to block someone on Facebook

Where to go if you think your Facebook account has been hacked

Facebook's advice on bullying

How to access your Facebook data

Facebook advice on wellbeing and suicide prevention

Facebook - information for parents


Twitter's Twitter help and support contains useful information for the most common questions including how to keep your account secure and protect your personal information.

Twitter - policies and how to report

Keeping your account secure on Twitter

Keeping your personal information secure on Twitter

How to block people on Twitter

Reporting abusive behaviour on Twitter

Twitter - Dealing with self harm and suicide


Instagram's Instagram's help centre covers a range of topics to keep its users safe including how to report things to them. 

Instagram's safety tips

Instagram - hacked accounts

Instagram - how to address abuse

Instagram - Abuse and spam

Instagram - tips for parents

Instagram - blocking people

Instagram - controlling how visible you are

Instagram - self-injury

Instagram - exploitation


YouTube's Help Centre has lots of useful information for its users on its policies, copyright, safety and how to report content.

YouTube - policies, safety and reporting

YouTube - Copyright and rights management


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