All the forms you need to manage your firearms, shotguns and explosives can be downloaded from the links on this page.

How much does it cost? 

A list of charges for firearms certificates and services can be found here.

Where to send your completed application to:

Post your application form

Hard copies must be posted to the below address. Please do not staple the pages of the application or any accompanying paperwork.

Hard copies of your passport style photo must be included with your application.

Completed forms should be returned to:

Firearms Licensing Department
Police Headquarters
London Road
SN10 2DN

Next steps

Once we've received your completed form, and any necessary photographs and fee, we will carry out appropriate checks on local and national records.

A firearms enquiry officer may also need to visit you at home.

We follow guidance on firearms from the Home Office. Please see  the Home Office firearms page for more information.

The forms

To apply, renew or update your firearm or shotgun certificate
Icon for pdf Form 201 - Form 201 - Application for a grant or renewal of firearm and or shotgun certificate [439.38KB]Grant or renewal of a firearm and or shotgun certificate
Icon for pdf Form 1069 - Reasons for requiring firearms [40.56KB]'Good reason' form
Icon for pdf Form 201V - Application to vary a firearms certificate [223.88KB]Use this to tell us if any aspect of your current certificate needs to change
Icon for pdf Form 106 - Shot Gun Firearm Certificate Holders - Change of Address [33.57KB]Use this to let us know of a change of address for your shotgun certificate
Icon for pdf Form 1062 - Transfer of Shotguns and Firearms [35.05KB]Use this to let us know if you've bought, acquired, sold, loaned or borrowed a gun
Icon for pdf Request Form - request for replacement firearm or shotgun certificate [77.94KB]Use this to ask for a replacement certificate
Travelling and visitors
Icon for pdf Form 1068 - European Firearms Pass Application [28.97KB]Use this form to get or renew a European Firearms Pass
Icon for pdf Form 107 - Visitors Firearm or shotgun permit [43.74KB]To be completed by a resident of Great Britain on behalf of a visitor who wishes to posess a firearm
For firearms and explosives dealers
Icon for pdf Form 116 - Firearms dealer registration form [31.15KB]Application for new registration or certificate for firearms dealers
Icon for pdf Form ER2 - Application for explosives storage licence [149.49KB]Use this form if you want to store explosives (less than 2,000 kg )
Icon for pdf Form ER4 - Application for an Explosives Certificate (individuals or company) [419.23KB]Use this to apply for an explosives certificate for your use as an individual or as part of a company
Icon for pdf Form ER4A - Application for an Explosives Certificate (individuals or re-enactments) [293.97KB]Use this to apply for an explosives certificate for your use as an individual in your firearms or shotguns or in connection with re-enactments
Icon for pdf Form ER4B - Application for Renewal of an Explosive Certificate for Blackpowder [284.44KB]Use this to renew your blackpowder certificate
Guidance for Clay Pigeon shoots
Icon for pdf Guidance Notes - Clay pigeon shooting [143.07KB]Guidance on the operation of clay pigeon shoots and the relevant laws


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