Fly tipping

If you wish to report fly tipping, you should gather as much information as possible, such as the type of rubbish being dumped, where and when it was dumped, and then contact your local authority (normally the Environmental Protection Department).

If the amount being dumped is a very large quantity then you should report the matter to the Environment Agency.

If you are present when rubbish is being dumped, please contact the police with as much information as possible including descriptions of the people, vehicles involved and registration numbers.

In extreme cases the police can take action, although we may choose to work with the local authority Environmental Protection Department.

Report an environmental incident to the Environment Agency

Report to Swindon Borough Council's street cleaning department

Report to Wiltshire Council street cleaning department


Please call 101 to report graffiti.

If possible, please give us the exact location of the graffiti, when you first noticed it and a description.

Graffiti could be classified as criminal damage or anti-social behaviour according to the whether permanent damage is caused or not. Each case will be assessed on an individual basis.


Vandalism is criminal damage. If you wish to report vandalism that has already happened, call 101. If the incident is in progress, call 999.

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