Road users in Chippenham and Corsham may experience some additional delays for the next two weeks.

Starting from tomorrow (13/01), and until Monday 25 January, inclusive, there will be a series of abnormal loads leaving the M4 motorway at Junction 17 and taking the A350 towards Chippenham before travelling onwards along the A4 and through Corsham to Westwells Road across almost every afternoon during the two-week period.

Each move will consist of a number of pre-fabricated steel structures some 4.5m in width plus associated private and police escort vehicles.

Owing to both the individual width of each load and the overall length of each convoy, the move is likely to be slow and will potentially cause congestion in places where oncoming traffic will be required to pull in and wait for vehicles to pass. Traffic travelling behind the move will not be able to overtake.

Wherever possible, disruption will be kept to a minimum although both hauliers and motorists are asked to please be patient should they come across this load. Anyone travelling over these days on time critical matters should allow sufficient additional time for their journey.

Police escorting resources are being provided by officers, paid for by the haulier at no cost to the public.

Published on Tuesday, January 12, 2021

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