Operation Elf - the shoplifting and crime prevention campaign for Christmas in West Wiltshire - has now come to an end with positive results. 

Between 1 December and New Year's Eve, police officers, PCSOs and Special Constables conducted high visibility patrols across the towns of Warminster, Westbury and Mere in a bid to keep communities safe.

Following the "Op Elf period" we can now give you the shoplifting results: 

• Warminster town has seen an 11% reduction (9 offences down to 8)
• Westbury town has seen a 71% reduction (7 down to 2 offences)
• Mere town has seen a 33% reduction (3 down to 2 offences)

Sgt Kevin Harmsworth said:  "The Neighbourhood Teams' increased patrols have clearly had an effect on the positive outcome.
"Local businesses have been supportive of our police action and given us some really positive feedback around crime prevention moving forward as well as around local community concerns in relation to the coronavirus pandemic.
"Although Op Elf is now over we still value our local communities help to combat crime; the more eyes and ears we have looking out for, and reporting crime, the better.  We'd also urge the public to be vigilant and to report any concerns to us on 101 or 999 in an emergency."

Published on Thursday 7 January 2021. 


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