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Information provided to Wiltshire Police by users of this website will be treated in full accordance with the Data Protection Act. Under no circumstances will we sell, trade, rent or otherwise disclose your details to others unless required to do so by law.

Where you are using forms on this website the personal data you are requested to provide will only be used for that purpose and in accordance with the data protection act principles.

We do not use this website to capture any personal information, except where it has been offered voluntarily on our forms.

By continuing to use this site you are considered as understanding and agreeing to the contents of this statement.

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Your data


We may store information about you in cookies (bits of information such as preferences which are stored on a user's computer) which we can access when you visit our site in future.

Cookies are used to:

measure how you use the website so it can be updated and improved based on your needs
remember the notifications you've seen so that we don't show them to you again. cookies aren't used to identify you personally.

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How cookies are used on

We use Google Analytics software to collect information about how you use our website. We do this to help make sure the site is meeting the needs of its users and to help us make improvements.

Google Analytics stores information about:

  • the pages you visit on our website
  • how long you spend on each page
  • how you got to the site
  • what you click on while you're visiting the site.
  • We don't collect or store your personal information (e.g. your name or address) so this information can't be used to identify who you are. We also don't allow Google to use or share our analytics data.

Stopping cookies

To stop cookies being stored on your computer, please refer to your internet browser's instructions under 'Help'. By deleting our cookies or disabling future cookies you may not be able to access certain areas of our site. Find out more about deleting or controlling cookies. 


Wiltshire Police owns the copyright and all other rights in this site. Permission is only granted for you to download, store and use information from this site for:

  • personal use or research
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  • education (as long as it does not involve multiple copies)
  • legal proceedings.

Any other use of the material on this website, including reproducing, re-transmitting, republishing, redistributing or permanently storing any of the contents in any form is strictly prohibited without prior written consent from Wiltshire Police.

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