Can you make a difference? Head of ICT Adrian Hudson

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Want to make a real difference to someone's life and get a great sense of achievement at the end of your working day? 

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 Not for you? Stop reading now. Got your attention? Well, I am seeking the right candidates to join our new ICT department at Wiltshire Police to help me deliver ICT to enable frontline policing.   I have been in post as the Head of ICT for Wiltshire Police for just over three months and what an amazing three months they have been! 

 Wiltshire Police is bringing all ICT back from a shared service with Wiltshire Council to an in house provision. This has come about because of a strategic directional change for policing nationally. Vision 2025 sets out a different ICT path for police services nationally about sharing data, working collaboratively and exploiting technology to improve outcomes for the public we serve. Unfortunately, the national police technology strategy isn't compatible with the Council's vision and direction of travel, and it would cost significant amounts of money to upgrade the Council's security and other infrastructure to meet our future requirements.

 So we are in a unique position. We're building a brand new ICT team here from scratch. The purpose of that team is to deliver world class ICT that enables officers to deliver services to our communities and change lives.

 It can be difficult to explain how a piece of technology can change someone's life, but securely delivering the right information to the right person at the right time allows them to make good decisions based on evidence. Because of that, they might intervene or take a different course of action. This has a direct effect on keeping the communities we serve safe. That's my motivation for working here. Work isn't always about big salaries or bonuses but the differences we can make to our local communities. 

 I have a significant daily commute to work but one of the big things here is the flexible working options on offer. I have a mobile phone, unified comms and a laptop. This means I am able to work flexibly and remotely and don't always have to be physically in the office to work effectively. I try to work from home at least one day a week and can take my office with me on my laptop while out and about on business or visiting other stations. 

 I want to encourage a wider and more diverse workforce to come and work here. The ability to work flexibly to support childcare or other care responsibilities are critical to me in terms of making sure we reach out to the maximum possible pool of talented applicants. 

 What I'm not looking for are typical 9-5, Monday to Friday people. We are a very different organisation. We are 24/7 responsive to protect the most vulnerable. Flexibility at work works both ways in that people will work regular agreed hours and in return will be willing to help the organisation safeguard our communities when a critical incident occurs or major incident is declared. 

 We are not here simply as an ICT department, but because the work we do enables frontline police officers, PCSOs and investigators to protect and deliver resolutions to our communities. 

Technology can enable us to share information with partners, make better decisions and even go beyond that by looking into robotics for automation and artificial intelligence to inform predictive data analysis. We can develop and use that intelligence to be smarter about the way we use the resources we have to deliver the most effective outcomes and best value for money to the public.

 We are at the start of a very interesting journey. We are building a brand new ICT department with the cutting edge technologies and migrating our existing services into support. We have new laptops, servers, storage and networks. We are creating a really exciting core service whilst carefully managing the handover of the existing shared provision from the Council to underpin operational policing. It will be a challenging but interesting time.  Not only is this a great opportunity to develop your skills, you can be involved in shaping the future delivery of services to the public in Wiltshire and beyond.  

 I want to build one team focused on delivering ICT to support policing in our communities. My department will not be about technology, it is about being an enabler and trusted partner in policing. 

 ICT will only add value if it makes a difference by supporting delivery of the Police and Crime Plan 2017-2021:

  • Priority One - Prevent crime and keep people safe
  • Priority Two - Protect the most vulnerable people in society
  • Priority Three - Put victims, witnesses and communities at the heart of everything we do
  • Priority Four - Secure a quality police service that is trusted and efficient.

 Four clear priorities and one rewarding challenge. Are you ready for your next role helping me deliver it?

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