Young or vulnerable people require additional support in custody due to their circumstances, age or needs.

Without prejudice to the event which has necessitated detention and the possible impact on others, the police recognise that a person's circumstances or a particular period in their life can be challenging as it also can for their family, friends or those with caring responsibilities.

Where appropriate, other agencies such as Social Services, Health and Educational services should be used for assistance along with any other support network or voluntary services that may be able to help.


  • Juveniles: A person under seventeen years of age.
  • Young person: A person between fourteen and seventeen years of age.
  • Child: A person under the age of fourteen years.
  • Vulnerable person: An individual who may have difficulty understanding, speaking or expressing themselves or not able to understand the significance of what may be said or asked of them. This may be due to a diagnosed condition or some other cognitive impairment such as learning difficulties. This is different to mental disorder or mental disability which is defined under the Mental Health Act 1983, but equally they will be treated as a vulnerable person whilst in custody.

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Source: North Wales Police

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