When a person has been detained, it is understandable that others may be eager to have any news on the investigation whether as friends, family, witnesses or the victim(s).

However, the police are restricted in what information can be provided due to legal responsibilities e.g. the Data Protection Act 1998.

Additionally, during the early stages of an investigation it can be difficult to forecast when a particular stage of an enquiry will be completed and the outcome. The investigating officer(s) will contact the relevant people entitled to know when they are in a position to give an update.

Contact numbers

There are two custody units located in Wiltshire, Swindon and Melksham.

You can make contact with either Custody Unit by calling 101, if you are calling from outside Wiltshire you will need to ask for Wiltshire Police. Once you have been put through to Wiltshire Police you can then ask to speak to the relevant Custody Unit.

If you have any questions regarding custody procedures or in connection with any ongoing investigation please visit the Custody Procedures section of this site or contact the relevant officer dealing with your matter.

The custody units can be very busy, therefore contact may involve having to leave a message on our answering service and a member of staff will return your call if it's a matter they are in a position to assist with. Staff will not reveal any information if it's likely to breach policy, privacy or legislation, therefore please be specific in your enquiry when you leave a message - otherwise we may not be able to reply.

If you wish to report an incident (non-emergency) or wish to locate an officer and send a message, please email our control room 101. The custody unit will not be in a position to take details of any incident or update you on the progress of any investigation.

Frequent concerns

Right to contact others or make a telephone call

Establishing if someone is in custody

I want to see someone in police custody

Smoking and supplying cigarettes

Finding out when someone is released

Contacting an Embassy or foreign Consulate

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