Police cadets across Wiltshire have taken part in services of dedication as each unit was presented with their own Standard to represent them. 

The services of dedication were led by the Wiltshire Police Force Chaplain Revd. Bill Cave, along with the local resident clergy, and supported by Police Cadets Patron Lady Gooch.

The services welcomed the families of the cadets, along with local representatives from each of the cadet unit's communities.  The Trowbridge Cadet Unit were also joined by their local cub and scout units.

Chippenham Police Cadet UnitAngus Macpherson, Police and Crime Commissioner for Wiltshire and Swindon said: "Traditionally, Standards mark the position of regimental colleagues, to act as a rallying point during a battle. Today a Standard is a representation of a group of people.

"For the Wiltshire Police Cadets the Standards are a representation of the ethos and values of their unit, and I hope they will see it as something to be proud of."

Wiltshire has four police cadet units across the county, who give their time to support policing. Along with the sessions they attend, they also take on crime prevention projects and represent Wiltshire Police at events across the county. Trowbridge Police Cadet Unit

Cadets Supervisor Leanne Homewood said: "We wanted each cadet unit to have their own Standard, so they can be recognised when at events, and to give the cadets a sense of pride when representing the Force.

Salisbury Police Cadet Unit"It was a really proud moment to watch our cadets taking part in these ceremonies. Once again they were professional and respectful, and an admirable representation of Wiltshire Police. 

"Well done to all our cadets."

Keeping with tradition, a Standard cannot be used at any event until it has been blessed and presented to the cadets.

The Wiltshire Police Cadets will now use their Standard for the first time at the up and coming remembrance parades across the county. Swindon Police Cadet Unit

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