Priorities for Swindon South CPT
Updated 07/01/2020
Priority 1 ASB 

We are working to tackle incidents of anti-social behaviour and drug misuse in the Walcot area. A particular focus for us has been on Buckhurst Field and the Dome Area. So far, we have conducted targeted activity on specific offenders alongside our partners and patrolled the key areas. 

Priority 2OP DASHER

We will continue to offer reassurance to the public and business communities across Swindon. Throughout the festive period, there is an increased risk from theft and anti-social behaviour. Patrols will continue in the vicinity of the Town Centre and other shopping outlets. 

Priority 3DRUGS

We are carrying out activity to disrupt drug supply in East Swindon by identifying and targeting those involved. We are utilising partner agencies to safeguard any identified minors. 



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