It is widely known that police forces across the UK are facing unprecedented challenges, trying to do more with ever fewer resources.

As part of our On The Beat campaign we asked our Community Policing Teams what they would like to tell the public about policing in Wiltshire.

Unsurprisingly, many officers and staff wanted the public to be aware of the pressures they are under and the limited resources that are available.

However, they also wanted local people to be reassured, and to know that they care and that they will do their best for the community.

Here are some of the comments from officers and staff:

  • We will do all we can, in the best way we can, to help
  • We're here to help and we will strive to do everything we possibly can to support and protect you
  • Austerity has had an impact on policing but we have reshaped and still deliver a safe place to live
  • We are there to provide support and to try to keep our communities safe
  • We are here to help
  • We are professional and willing to do the right thing to protect you
  • It's not just 999 calls. We also engage with our communities and listen to and understand their concerns, we problem solve in partnership and target our work around the most vulnerable or those who pose the greatest threat

Inspector James Williams, who leads Wiltshire West CPT, said he was heartened by these comments and hoped the public would be reassured by these messages from the Force.

He said: "I think it's vital that we keep this positivity in mind.

"Everyone knows about the challenges facing policing and these challenges shouldn't be underestimated - our police officers and staff are incredibly busy, working long hours in often very difficult circumstances.

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