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PC Hollie Elliot and PC George Turner from South Wiltshire Community Policing Team 4 headed out to engage with our rural communities. 

PC Elliot started off as a Special Constable and joined as a regular officer in 2017. PC Turner had considered a career with the Army or as a paramedic before deciding to become a police officer.

First stop was the local shop, where the pair chatted to customers and staff about issues in their community . It was clear that people were pleased to see the officers' out and about in Landford  but said they would like to see more officers out on the beat. Following the discussion, the members of the public said they were aware of the resourcing issues that all police forces face.

Rural policing is often challenging due to the vast areas covered and the many isolated spots. Calling in any suspicious activity as soon as it is happens is vital to give officers the opportunity to help prevent crimes from happening.  

The pair jumped back in the 4x4, known as 'the beast', and headed out on the lookout for any suspicious activity. Driving around the area it was clear that rural patrols have the added advantage of the fantastic scenery. 

Next stop was a stables which had been targeted by thieves in the past. PC Elliot and PC Turner  were welcomed by the owners who talked about measures they had put in place to secure the site. The officers' presence was also noted by a number of horses and dogs who took a keen interest in what they were up to.

Community engagement like this means that the officers can gather local information and intelligence to help keep people safe.

A call on the radio meant it was time to get back in 'the beast' and help with a search for a suspicious vehicle. The vehicle was located by colleagues which gave PC Elliot and PC Turner the opportunity to take a statement from a victim of domestic abuse. After that the day was filled with patrols, numerous calls over the radio, missing people, traffic incidents and much more. 

When asked about the best bits of being an officer they both felt that the team bond was really important and that colleagues become real friends. Both love the variety of the job, never really knowing what's going to happen each day and the personal responsibility and trust that they have to manage their own work in the community.

If you see any suspicious activity in your area please call us on 101, if a crime is in progress call 999.


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