Top ten tips

  1. If you are going away for Christmas install timer switches on lights to mimic your usual movements around your house.  Ask neighbours who are not going away to keep an eye on your home.
  2. Try to plan your Christmas night out, arranging transport in advance and making sure that someone knows when you will be coming home.  Make sure you have enough money for your bus/train/taxi fare, use only proper taxis from a taxi rank and never accept a lift from a stranger.
  3. Be sensible with alcohol - know your limit and don't go past it.  Don't accept drinks from strangers or people you have just met and don't leave your drink unattended even for a moment.  A drunk person is more vulnerable and an easy target for all kinds of criminals.
  4. Don't put your movements over the holidays on Facebook - you never know who is looking. Likewise, don't advertise parties - you may get unwanted guests.
  5. Don't leave presents on view under the Christmas tree if they can be seen from the street or your open front door.  Keep them hidden until Christmas Eve.
  6. When Christmas shopping keep wallets and purses out of sight and secure, especially in crowded places. Gentlemen, don't put your wallet in your back pocket, ladies put your purse at the bottom of your bag and use a purse strap
  7. Close your curtains before putting lights on to prevent passers by seeing inside your home.  This is especially important if your house has little or no front garden.
  8. Park in a Park Mark car park wherever you go, especially when in an unknown area - these have enhanced security. (check for an approved car park in your area).
  9. Dispose of packaging carefully; do not leave boxes for your new gifts out for the dustbin collection or recycling as this advertises the new items you have in your home.
  10. Register the serial numbers of your Christmas presents (and other possessions) with and mark your property with a DNA property marking system. Always put the stickers indicating their use on your front doors or windows.
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