Top ten tips

Lock your bike in a busy, well lit and CCTV covered area.

Lock the frame and both wheels to a cycle stand or strong immovable object. Ensure your bike can't be lifted over the top of any posts

Make the locks and bike hard to manoeuvre.  Secure your bike as close to the stand as possible and keep the locks off the ground.

Register your bikes serial number for free with the national property register or

Take a photo of your bike and the serial number.

Use recognised security locks - D locks to the Sold Secure standard or heavy chain locks with closed shackle sold secure padlocks

Use two different locks - theft is less likely as thieves need different tools to break each one.

Try not to leave your bike in the same place every day

Include your bike in your home contents insurance for thefts outside the home.

If you suspect someone is trying to sell you a stolen bike, contact the Police on 101.

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