Top ten tips to keep your gold secure

  1. Do not leave valuables on display so they can be seen from the outside.
  2. Keep jewellery in a safety deposit box or a secure facility away from home. If you must keep it at home invest in a good quality safe, which complies with official insurance rating standards. A Home Office website lists approved security products.
  3. Photograph and keep a detailed inventory of each item of jewellery and keep it in a separate place. Include value, date acquired, receipts, valuation certificate and any identifying marks.
  4. Remember to lock all your doors and windows when you leave your home unattended. Consider using time switches for lights if you are away from home.
  5. Use a Secured by Design approved forensic traceable liquid (e.g. SmartWater) which has a unique forensic code which is visible under UV light and is registered to you. This helps Police identify and return stolen goods.
  6. Once marked, photograph your jewellery and register it at
  7. During religious events, family occasions try to avoid decorating the outside of the house with symbols, flags, lights or any other emblems which would attract burglars to your property.
  8. When wearing jewellery in public, be cautious and discreet to avoid attracting unwanted attention. Consider wearing a scarf or something similar to cover your neckline, and long sleeve coats to cover the wrists.
  9. Always travel to and from your celebration in a group using well-lit streets. Try to avoid walking alone. If you drive, keep your car locked and remember where it is parked.
  10. Try to ensure that it does not become common knowledge that you are going on holiday at a particular time. If you are going away, consider storing your valuables in a safety deposit box.
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