Community Messaging (redirect)
Keep up-to-date with what's happening in your neighbourhood with a free subscription to Community Messaging and alerts from Wiltshire Police
Keep safe online this Christmas (redirect)
If your are looking to buy Christmas gifts online we have some helpful advice to help you stay safe.
Park your car safely when shopping this Christmas
Christmas crowds mean more opportunities for thieves. Read our advice for safer parking this festive season
Home safety (redirect)
The festive season is always a temptation for thieves so here is our advice for keeping your home safe
Ask for Angela (Redirect)
Ever felt uncomfortable or pressurised by someone you have met when out? Many venues in Wiltshire and Swindon support the 'Ask for Angela' initiative that aims to reduce sexual violence and vulnerability. Read more for details of how this initiative can help keep you safe,
Keeping your wallets and handbags safe (Redirect)
Take extra care of your wallet, purse or handbag when out ands about over the festive period. Here we offer some advice on helping prevent theft of your personal possessions.
Drink Drug Driving - not worth the risk (Redirect)
We are supporting the national drink/drug campaign through December to early January and will be running operations and awareness activities throughout the month. Read more here but you can report suspected drink/drug drivers by calling 101 and pressing option 3.
Get home safely - plan ahead and book a taxi
It's not worth the risk to drink and drive so if you are going out for the night so plan how you intended to get home. Here is some advice about using genuine taxis or private hire to get home.
Getting home safely on public transport
Get home safely after a night out and plan your trip home on public transport. Here are some tips to help keep you safe
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