Top ten tips

  1. Always trick and treat with an adult
  2. Only visit a house where you or the people you are with know who lives there
  3. Do not knock on doors where there is a sign saying 'Sorry no trick or treat here please'
  4. Stay in areas that are well lit with street lights. Take a torch with you just in case
  5. Do not enter any house - stay on the door step
  6. Don't vandalise anything or throw things like eggs and flour - this may be classed as criminal damage. This type of behaviour will not be tolerated and you could end up getting into trouble with the police.
  7. Stay with the people you are with - do not go off on your own
  8. Unexpected callers at the door can cause distress for some people, particularly the elderly. For people who do not want to receive 'Trick or Treat' callers a poster has been produced displaying, in large font 'Sorry, no trick or treat here please.' The poster should be displayed in a prominent position either on the door or front window
  9. Do not talk to strangers on the street
  10. Parents/carers should ensure their children act sensibly

If you need police, you can call us on our non emergency number 101 or 999 in an emergency or if a crime is in progress.


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