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Halloween is fast approaching and we have a 'No Trick or Treat Callers' poster available to download below for those who do not wish to be disturbed. For those who do wish to celebrate Halloween, we have some basic safety advice for parents and their little gremlins and ghouls to ensure everyone has a fun and safe Halloween. 

Remember not everyone loves Halloween, it can be a frightening time for some of the more vulnerable members of our community. An unexpected caller after dark can be really worrying. If a house is displaying a 'No Trick or Treat' poster, please respect it and don't knock on the door. 

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Advice for parents 

  • If young children are going trick or treating, make sure a responsible adult is with them at all times. Know where they are going and what time they will be back.
  • With older children, discuss with them where they are going, which houses they intend to call on and make sure they know not to call on houses displaying a 'no trick or treaters' poster.
  • Stick in groups, take a torch and stay in well lit. Remember to be extra careful when crossing roads, especially if in all dark clothing. Do not allow anyone to go trick or treating alone.
  • Ensure children know to NEVER enter anyone's house and NEVER accept lifts in people's cars. 
  • Check your childrens sweets or treats before allowing them to eat them. Sweets and foods still in their original wrappers are safest. If in doubt play it safe and bin anything you are concerned about.
  • Consider having your own Halloween party at home rather then going out trick or treating. We spend all year advising children not to speak to or take sweets from strangers, Halloween should be no different. 
  • Stay away from candles, such as those in pumpkins. Homemade costumes and even some bought from shops can be highly flammable. 
  • Some Halloween costumes include props. Be mindful if out in public with forexample fake knives, swords or other accessories as these can still hurt or scare people. 

However you choose to spend Halloween, we hope you have a fun and safe time. 

If you need police, you can call us on our non emergency number 101 or 999 in an emergency or if a crime is in progress.


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