Below are just some of the most common reasons for people calling 101. It may be that the advice you are looking for is already included on these pages.

1. Abandoned vehicles

If the abandoned vehicle is on a public road or public land, it should be reported to your local council who will arrange for it to be removed, However, there are times when it may be best to contact us.

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2. Alarms

We do not generally attend audible alarm activations for properties or vehicles unless there is evidence that a criminal offence is in progress, or of people acting suspiciously, broken windows, signs of forced entry or lights on inside the property. See below for more.

More about audible alarms

3 Civil disputes

Civil disputes such as unpaid debts, child custody matters or land ownership disputes, are generally not a matter for Wiltshire Police. But if a crime is involved, or life is in danger, we want to know. Click on the link for more. 

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4. Dogs - lost, found or stray

We do not take in stray or found dogs. Lost and found dogs should be reported to the dog warden. However, there are ways that we may be able to help.

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5. Flytipping

Fly-tipped waste or report suspected illegal waste carriers should be reported to your local council. However, if a crime is in progress you will need to call us on 999.

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6. Illegally parked vehicles

Illegally parked cars should be reported to your local council. They can deal with cars parked illegally on yellow lines, school markings, in council car parks, permit areas, bus lanes and disabled bays. If parking restrictions are flouted, penalty notices can be issued.

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7. Mobile phones

If you want to report a lost or stolen mobile phone we will need a record of the IMEI number for the mobile phone so it can be recognised if the phone is handed in or recovered. See the link below for more.

More about lost or stolen phones

8. Noise nuisance

Ongoing problems, e, g. barking dogs, burglar alarms, loud music or DIY, callers should be reported to your local council.  The council will then work with local agencies, including Wiltshire Police, to deal with the issue. See how we may be able to help below

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9. Social media - complaints about

You should only report complaints about the use of social media in exceptional circumstances where a serious threat has been made or there is evidence of a crime or criminal activity, or the caller or someone else is the victim of a hate crime. But see below for more.

More about social media

10. Road Traffic Collisions

Wiltshire Police regularly attends road traffic collisions but the police will not routinely attend those that only involve damage to vehicles, unless it is likely that an offence has been committed. See below for more.

More about road traffic collisions

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