It's not just our expert police drone pilots that fly drones!

These useful and fun aircraft are becoming more and more popular, but sadly some are choosing to use them irresponsibly or to deliberately cause nuisance to others.


What are the rules about flying a drone?

All off the shelf drones are very light and fall into the category 'small unmanned aircraft', which weigh less than 20kg.

In this section we will deal with these small unmanned aircraft (and small unmanned surveillance aircraft). Complaints about larger drones should be directed to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).


The Air Navigation Order is the principle legislation that deals with drones: 

Articles 94, 95, 240 and 241


Rules for all drones
Additional rules for drones with a camera
Rules coming into place from 1st October 2019



When to take action

If a drone is being flown in a way that puts anyone in immediate danger (including other aircraft)
If a drone has breached any of the above rules
Can I shoot it down?



Thinking of becoming a drone pilot, or hiring a drone pilot?

I want to fly drones as a business, or for purposes connected to a business
I want to hire a drone for an event or purpose connected to a business


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