As part of the ongoing investigation, Wiltshire Police and Counter Terrorism Policing specialist search trained officers will today commence a structured search of Queen Elizabeth Gardens in Salisbury.

The search is taking part to firstly assist the wider investigation and secondly with a view to safely returning the gardens to the public.

Certain parts of the gardens will be fingertip searched, whilst other areas will  be subject of more generic searching activity. Officers will carefully check the grounds and remove key items of waste and litter as part of the search.

Wiltshire Police Deputy Chief Constable Paul Mills said: "The commencement of the searching of the gardens is a significant step in the operation and our key priority is to return the gardens to the public at the earliest opportunity.

"We are intentionally undertaking a detailed and meticulous search so that the public can return to using the gardens with confidence when they are reopened.

"I would like to thank the public for their continued support and understanding, whilst the gardens have been closed. We remain very aware of both the levels of concern and inconvenience the cordons are causing.

"We remain committed to ensuring the ongoing safety of the public both during and after the investigation.

"At this time it is anticipated that the search activity will take a number of days and we will provide a full update on the work undertaken in due course."

Mike Wade, Public Health England Deputy Director for Health Protection in the South West said: "The risk to the public remains low.

"As a precaution Public Health England (PHE) continues to strongly advise the public not to pick up any strange items such as syringes, needles, cosmetics or similar objects made of materials such as metal, plastic or glass.

"The advice remains - if you didn't drop it, then don't pick it up."

Posted Wednesday 18 July at 8.30am

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