Offensive weapons

Incidents where a knife or weapon have been carried or used with the intention to harm is always a concern to us.

Wiltshire Police along with agencies across the County recognise that nationally knife crime is on the rise. In Wiltshire we are already taking steps to ensure that preventing knife crime is a priority across the county.

What do we mean by an offensive weapon?

What you need to know...

If you carry a knife or weapon...

If you are caught carrying a knife or offensive weapon...

What can you do?

If you feel pressured to carry a knife or weapon, at school, at home, or out on the street

If you are in a situation where someone is carrying a knife or weapon

What if you think a friend is involved in knife crime

How can I dispose of a knife

For more information and support

If you feel you are in danger or worried about someone carrying a knife call us on 999

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