We receive one of the lowest amounts of Home Office funding for police per head of population.

Our budget consists of around 80% staffing and with continued austerity measures, efficiencies inevitably have to come from the staffing area. To enable efficiencies without detriment to the capabilities of the policing service, two key focuses have been on modernisation and collaboration. 

Our workforce is made up of both uniformed and non-uniformed staff and officers who carry out vital roles protecting and serving our communities. 

With the ever changing landscape of crime, our workforce has changed and adapted to the needs of those communities we serve with 94% officers and over 50% staff dedicated to frontline policing. 

Our establishment in Full Time Equivalent (FTE) as at 31 December 2017:

Police officers959944
Police staff910856
Police Community Support Officers120105

Our Special Constable establishment in headcount as at 25 January 2018 is:    

Wiltshire Police Specials are volunteers and will often follow this into a career as regular police officer. The figures below fluctuate due this attrition and recent regular intakes. The total number of Specials are currently in hubs or in training with assessment days planned monthly. 

Special Constabulary        260

Our Volunteer establishment in headcount as at 31 December 2017:
These volunteer numbers do not include our Community Speed Watch volunteers.

Volunteer Police Cadets111
Police Support Volunteers155


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