Illegally parked cars are dealt with by your local council. They can deal with cars parked illegally on yellow lines, school markings, in council car parks, permit areas, bus lanes and disabled bays. If parking restrictions are flouted, penalty notices can be issued.

Dangerous and obstructive parking can be dealt with by council wardens and by Wiltshire Police, who will advise drivers to move their car to a legal place, issue a fine or in some cases have the car removed.

When to call us

We will only deal with parking issues if:

  • The highway is being obstructed
  • the parking issue may cause a danger to the public (i.e. outside of a school)
  • someone has parked on a dropped curb
  • someone has obstructed someone's driveway.

When to call your local council

Wiltshire Council and Swindon Borough Council control the parking within their areas. For parking complaints such as vehicles parked on double yellows or vehicles parked in disabled spaces with no blue badge, please contact your local council.

Report any obstructions on the road, such as mud, illegal signs, overhanging tree branches, hedges, skips or scaffolding, to the council.

  • Wiltshire Council Parking: 01249 706131
  • Wiltshire Council Highways: 0300 456 0105
  • Swindon Borough Council Parking: 01793 445501 or report online.
  • Swindon Borough Council Highways StreetSmart Team: 01793 445501.

Before calling us

Please check with your immediate neighbours and ask them politely to move their vehicle if it is blocking the entry/ exit of your drive.

To report any of these incidents please call our non-emergency 101 number.

In some cases your Community Policing Teams will be tasked to combat the issue, such as dangerous parking in and around school times.

If you have issues with someone who is using your private driveway this will be a civil matter and we advise you contact the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Wiltshire Citizens Advice

Swindon Citizens Advice

Please note each call regarding parking is dealt with case by case.

 Parking explained on Ask The Police website

 The Highway Code 238-252 covering parking

The offences

It should be noted that both obstruction of the highway and willful obstruction are offences that can be dealt with by way of non-endorsable Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN). In extreme instances, the vehicle may be removed by the police at which point the person recovering is liable for all costs in respect of this matter (minimum £150).

Where a vehicle has been left so as to cause danger to others then this is either a report for summons or an endorsable FPN which can lead to both points on a licence and a £100 charge. If the vehicle is unattended, it will almost certainly be removed in this case.

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