Priorities for Wiltshire East CPT
Updated 13/01/2020
Priority 1  Rural Crime Patrols

It is imperative that we maintain a high visible presence within our rural county. During winter, we anticipate an increase in visitors to our countryside. We will be aiming to regularly patrol our rural sites that unfortunately do become a target of vehicle and rural crime.

Operations have already been carried out, including some suspects being located and banned from the area. 

Priority 2Burglaries and unexpected callers

We continue to receive reports regarding burglaries within the Devizes, Marlborough and Pewsey area. Whilst the number is reducing, the likelihood that in January this number could still increase.

Patrols will continue throughout the day and night. 

Priority 3Theft by shoplifting

During the busy January sales, theft by shoplifting increases. Operations and daily patrols will be carried out in order to deter these types of crime.



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