Priorities for Wiltshire East CPT
Updated on: 02/04/2019 
Priority 1 Anti Social Beaviour

It is essential that we tackle anti-sociable behaviour (ASB) within our community. 

ASB is defined as, "Acting in a manner that caused or was likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to one or more persons not of the same household.'

We have had an increase in reports of ASB in:


The types of reports include:

  1. Drug use within Priory Gardens - Evenings,
  2. Excessive noise and persons acting in an antisocial manner in Priory Gardens - Evenings.

The types of reports include:

  1. Excessive noise from vehicles in the within the car parks of Co-op and Leisure Centre - Evenings,
  2. Vehicles being driven in an antisocial manner within the car park of Co-op and the Leisure Centre - Evenings.
  • Market Lavington and DEVIZES.

The types of report include:

  1. Drug use/dealing near to Lavington School - Afternoons/Evenings,
  2. Excessive noise from motor vehicles being driven up and down the streets of Market Lavington - All times of day,
  3. Persons acting in an anti-social manner outside of MORRISONS in DEVIZES - Evenings,


  • Please report any behaviour as defined above to 101.
Priority 2Rural Crime - Hare-coursing and Beauty Spot Thefts

It is imperative that we maintain a high visible presence within our rural county.

As the spring/summertime is fast approaching, we anticipate an increase in visitors to both our Beauty Spot areas and countryside.

We will be aiming to regularly patrol our Beauty Spots and our rural sites that unfortunately do become a target of vehicle and rural crime.


  • It is important for members of the public not to leave any valuables within their vehicles.
  • It is also important for members of the Public to report any suspicious activity to us via 101 or 999 if it is a crime in progress. 
Priority 3 - Vehicle Crime and Community Speed Watch

Keeping our roads safe is extremely important within our area as we have several A Roads that pass through our County.

We will be receiving fortnightly updates from our Community Speed Watch Teams with specific areas to target.

It is important that we work with the general public to identify unsafe road users within our county.

We hope to show how hard we will be working to target the roads through our Social Media updates and co-oberation with Community Speed Watch Schemes.


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