Priorities for Wiltshire East CPT
Updated 26/09/19
Priority 1  Retail Thefts/Purse Thefts

Christmas time is fast approaching which unfortunately means that we are likely to see an increase in retail thefts and purse theft from within the Devizes and Marlborough area.


You can take the following precautions to discourage thieves:

  • Never let your handbag out of your sight
  • On public transport, keep hold of it, with the clasp or zip shut so a thief cannot steal your purse
  • Always carry your purse or handbag close to your body
  • Do not carry your handbag by the handle or place your arm through the strap and let it hang. Place one end of the handbag in the palm of your hand, the other in the bend of your elbow. Draw it close to your body. Hang on to it firmly especially when walking close to other people
  • In the office, keep it in a drawer, or in a corner near to you and out of sight
  • When in the car, keep it out of sight.  If you have the windows open or a door unlocked a thief may reach in when you stop in traffic
  • Always keep your wallet or purse out of sight
Priority 2Rural Crime - Hare-coursing and Beauty Spot Thefts

It is imperative that we maintain a high visible presence within our rural county.  As wintertime is fast approaching, we anticipate an increase in visitors to our countryside.

We will be aiming to regularly patrol our rural sites that unfortunately do become a target of vehicle and rural crime.


It is important for members of the public not to leave any valuables within their vehicles.

It is also important for members of the public to report any suspicious activity to us via 101 or 999 if it is a crime in progress. 

Priority 3Frauds and Scams

Fraud is the dishonest and intentional deception of a person intended to result in financial or personal gain. Fraud happens when someone deceives you or lies to you to gain an advantage, such as taking your money or finding out private information about you. Fraud could happen in person, over the telephone, or online via email, text or a website.

We have already received two reports this month of elderly persons being the victims of fraudulent activity. In both incidents, the victims have received phone calls regarding an 'upgrade' to their bank cards. 

In one incident, a woman in the Devizes area gave her address to a caller and later received a visit from a man, who asked for her bank card. 
The woman was reluctant to hand over her card, so cut it up first and then handed it over. The man then handed her back what she now knew was a fake bank card. 


If you suspect you've been a victim of fraud involving credit or debit cards, online banking or cheques, you should report it to your bank or card company. Where an additional crime has been committed with the fraud, for example, you have had your wallet or purse stolen or the card used fraudulently was taken as a result of a burglary, then this should still be reported to us on 101

Priority 4Burglaries/Unexpected Callers
As the season approaches we continue to receive reports regarding burglaries within the Devizes, Marlborough anf Pewsey area. Whilst the number is reducing the likelihood that in the months leading up to December/January this number could increase.

Advice for commercial premises:

  • Removing high value goods from window displays and leave the till open - by leaving the till visible, open and clearly empty, any burglars seeking cash are likely to lose interest.
  • Install dusk-to-dawn lighting at any entrance to the property that is overlooked and by securing high risk display cabinets, such as for tobacco displays, with protective grilles and shutters.
  • Bank your cash - If you do not leave cash in the store overnight it cannot be stolen in a burglary. Night safe facilities are available after opening hours. If you do not use a specialist cash collection agency be sure you vary the route you take to the bank and the times you leave the shop.
  • Doors and windows are particularly vulnerable - use security-rated products to make them more burglar-resistant. For more details visit Secure by Design.

Advice for domestic premises:

  • Lock your doors and windows every time you leave the house, even when just in the garden and never leave a spare key in a hiding place like in a plant pot or letter box - a thief knows all the hiding places
  • Register all serial numbers from electrical items, tools and garden equipment with the free national property register. Mark items without serial numbers with an artificial DNA property marker such as Smartwater or SelectaDNA.
  • Use a timer to set lights to mimic your usual activity when you are not at home.
  • Do not open the door to anyone you don't know or are not expecting. Always check by using a spy-hole or look through a window. Don't trust an ID card.
  • Always report any suspicious activity, note any vehicle registrations, descriptions of persons involved and direction of travel.
  • Consider installing a monitored burglar alarm, and only use a company that is registered or certified with the NSI or the SSIAB.
  • Take photographs of all jewellery including hallmarks and keep them safe. Make sure that you have up to date contents insurance.
  • Keep all keys, purses and wallets out of sight and away from the letterbox.

Advice for unexpected callers:

You are never required to open their door to unexpected callers and that it is not rude to send someone away.


Display a 'No Cold Calling Home' sticker to discourage unwanted callers.

Do not keep money in the house and keep credit cards, debit cards, cheque books, savings books and any other valuables in a safe place

Never leave the door open and unattended - close it until you return

Ask to see the caller's ID, even if they have made an appointment to see you, and call their company yourself (not on a number they provide) to check they are genuine


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