Priorities for Wiltshire South CPT
Updated 13/01/2020
Priority 1 - Burglary Business

We will address the rise in Business Burglary offences across the area.

Priority 2  - Op Hamper/Op Vendor

Continue our efforts to address the ASB and thefts within the City in Partnership with ShopWatch and PubWatch, making best use of our CCTV resources.

Priority 3  - Rural Crime and Hare Coursing

Op Artemis - this operation links actions and resources from Wiltshire Police, the Rural Crime Partnership and FarmWatch. Pro-active and high visibility patrols are being conducted across the rural areas in support of this priority. 

Priority 4 - Community Speed Watch 
All Neighbourhood Officers are to take visible ownership of their beat area and work with their communities to identify and reduce demand. 
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