Priorities for Wiltshire North CPT
Updated 7/8/19
Priority 1 Prolific shoplifters , Chippenham Town centre

 Summary:  There has been an increased number of reports of shoplifting in Chippenham, a number of arrests have been made.

Officers to stop check/search and deal with accordingly.  Liaison with shops that have been targeted and second hand stores advised to avoid buying stolen goods and potentially involved in Handling stolen goods.

Priority 2Community Speed Watch North Wiltshire

Summary:  Speeding drivers in North Wiltshire

Community Speed Watch Teams will be monitoring roads in and around North Wiltshire

Priority 3ASB Malmesbury

Summary: Increased Police patrols in The Cloisters and town centre of Malmesbury, due to reports of underage drinking and anti-social behaviour.

Police are working closely with Wiltshire council to address the issues. 

Priority 4ASB, underage drinking Calne

Reports of anti-social behaviour in Williams street and the local food outlets, young persons drinking alcohol.

Community policing teams patrolling the area and spot checks done on licence premises, any person selling or buying alcohol for under youths will be dealt with.

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