Many of us rely on using public transport. 

Getting to and from your destination does not always go as easily as you were expecting so make sure you are prepared before you leave home.

  • Know where you are going and the stop which you need to get on or off.
  • Check departure times, especially last buses and trains.
  • Carry a mobile phone and have the number of a relative or friend or a taxi firm programmed in, in case your return transport is cancelled or missed.
  • Have your ticket or change handy. This ensures your wallet or purse stays out of sight.
  • Try to stay away from isolated bus stops, especially after dark.
  • On an empty or late-night bus, sit near the driver or conductor.
  • On a train, sit in a compartment where there are several people, if you feel uneasy, move to another seat or carriage or sit near to the emergency alarm. Don't be afraid to use an emergency alarm - check where it is on boarding.
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