The first stop for reporting abandoned vehicles is your local council.

If the vehicle is on a public road or public land, then abandoned vehicles should be reported to your local council who will arrange for them to be removed. 

Report an abandoned vehicle to Wiltshire Council online or 0300 456 0100 (general enquiries number)

Report an abandoned vehicle to Swindon Borough Council online or 01793 445500 (general enquiries number).

The local councils will arrange for the vehicle to be removed and will check with local police and the DVLA to establish if there is anything the police need to know about or to try to locate the owner.

Abandoned vehicles on private land are the responsibility of the landowner. If, however, they are causing a nuisance, the Council can serve the appropriate notice to remove it. Councils must give landowners or occupiers 15 days' notice.

    Other points to note:

    • When removing vehicles from occupied land, councils can't charge occupiers.
    • National park authorities must remove vehicles abandoned in national parks.
    • Authorities don't have to remove abandoned vehicles if the cost of moving them to the nearest highway is unreasonably high (for example, if special machinery is needed), unless the vehicle is on a carriageway.
    • Authorities can't be held liable for damage resulting from abandoned cars.

    When the police can help

    The matter will only be a police issue if one of the following applies:

    • The vehicle looks like it has been in a recent accident
    • or looks as if it has been broken into
    • or if its blocking a carriageway, or likely to cause an accident.

    The vehicle will be check against our systems to ensure it has not been reported as stolen or involved in an incident.

    Please see the links section on this page for further advice.


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