Going off to further your education is an exciting time and presents lots of opportunities for your future.

However it can also present opportunities to criminals.  Please consider the following to help keep you and your belongings safe.

  • Communal living spaces in Halls of Residence or shared student houses are often insecure. Don't leave your belongings in these spaces.
  • Find out who your dedicated safety officers are.  Most Police forces who cover University towns and cities have dedicated websites and campus based officers designed to keep their students safe.
  • Keep burglars out - close and lock your doors and windows.
  • Protect your valuables by keeping them locked away.  Property mark items either electronically or physically using a UV pen. 
  • Don't show your valuables off and be wary round cash points.
  • If you are going out, plan your journeys, stick with friends, don't take short cuts and only use licensed taxi firms.  
  • If you choose to drink then enjoy your drink responsibly.
  • Stay alert - if you see someone hanging around outside your house or halls, ask them who they are and be careful of letting others follow you in.
  • Shred personal documents before you bin them.
  • Lock your bike up and ensure it is registered for free here: Bike Register

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