Many of us rely on taxi's to get us home safely.  If you need a taxi in an emergency please remember only the traditional Hackney Carriage or Black Cabs as they are more commonly known can be hailed in the street. The saloon type of taxi or private hire cars must be booked in advance or wait at an authorised taxi rank.

Please consider the following steps in using taxi's safely:

  • As with any other journey, make sure someone knows where you are going and what time to expect you.
  • If you use a taxi on a regular basis, keep the number handy and use the same firm each time.
  • Try to always arrange a taxi in advance. This is especially relevant for the return journey as this means you will know you have a way to get home, and will know the firm who is collecting you
  • If you would prefer a women driver, ask the taxi firm when booking
  • Ask the firm for a description of the driver and car who will be coming for you
  • Wait for the driver to ask for you by name. Never assume a car pulling up is your taxi
  • If you do not know the taxi personally, always check to ensure it is a genuine taxi. Check both the plate on the rear of the vehicle and the identification card carried by the driver. If in doubt, don't get in
  • If you chat with the driver, be careful not to give out personal details, such as the fact that you live alone or always go out on a Friday
  • Remember to keep your fare for the return journey safe and separate from any money you may spend whilst out
  • If you are alone, or the last of a group to get out, sit directly behind the driver
  • If you are worried at any time, ask the driver to stop in a busy area and get out
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