Many of us keep important elements for everyday life in our purse and wallets. 

Letting guards down whilst away from home can open the door for handbag or wallet snatchers.  A thief can grab and run before you even have time to realise that your bag, purse or wallet has been stolen.

  • You can take the following precautions to discourage thieves:
  • Never let your handbag out of your sight
  • On public transport, keep hold of it, with the clasp or zip shut so a thief cannot steal your purse
  • Always carry your purse or handbag close to your body
  • Do not carry your handbag by the handle or place your arm through the strap and let it hang. Place one end of the handbag in the palm of your hand, the other in the bend of your elbow. Draw it close to your body. Hang on to it firmly especially when walking close to other people
  • In the office, keep it in a drawer, or in a corner near to you and out of sight
  • When in the car, keep it out of sight.  If you have the windows open or a door unlocked a thief may reach in when you stop in traffic
  • Always keep your wallet or purse out of sight
  • NEVER keep it in your back pocket or anywhere a thief could steal it out of your sight

These days your mobile phone does a lot more than just make telephone calls, so it is just as important to keep it safe and never leave it unlocked outside of your home. How to report the theft of a mobile phone

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