Festivals are full of fun-loving people who want to have a good time.

But they can also be targets for thieves and opportunists. This list of common sense safety tips can help you have a crime-free festival.

  • If you need to take valuables with you consider their safety.  Don't leave them in your car or unattended. Use onsite locker facilities if they are available
  • Stay in groups and be tolerant of others
  • Keep your mobile charged - most festivals have onsite charging points
  • Only bring the cash and cards you need - most festivals have cash points on site.  Split your money and cards into two and keep in different places
  • Find the information and first aid points at the beginning of your stay so you know where they are should you need them
  • Remember, alcohol and drugs affect your ability to make safe judgements
  • If you need medicines with you onsite, keep them with you or secure in the onsite lockers
  • Organise a meeting place with your friends so you can meet if you get split up


  • Mark your property and tent with your postcode - the bigger and brighter the better
  • Put your tent up in a well-lit area, near the fire tower or by the zone managers caravan if possible
  • Don't leave valuables in your tent, or padlock your tent thinking valuables will be safe - they won't! Take valuables with you or use onsite lockers
  • Make friends with your camping neighbours but remember, no matter how friendly they are, they are still strangers
  • Put something distinctive on a pole by your tent so you can find it quickly and easily


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