Do you suspect someone of dealing drugs in your neighbourhood?

Signs can include:

  • An unusual number of people visiting 24/7
  • Drugs paraphernalia left outside
  • Tenants/home owners having an unusually lavish lifestyle.

What to do if you find drugs paraphernalia such as syringes and needles.

If you find drugs paraphernalia, call your council who'll arrange for a safe clean up. For your safety please do not touch anything you find, as it could be dangerous. Make a note of its location and report it immediately.

You can contact your local council at:

Report to Wiltshire Council

Report to Swindon Borough Council

How to spot a cannabis factory

  • Lights left on all day and night 
  • Curtains constantly drawn or windows blacked out 
  • Strong pungent smell and high humidity in the property 
  • Different people, coming and going at strange times 
  • Visits by people for short periods 
  • Venting protruding from the roof and the constant sound of cooling fans.

Landlords, watch out for the following:

  • Your tenants insist on paying their rent in cash 
  • They may be vague or rarely available at the property 
  • A sudden jump or fall in electricity bills.    

For more information and advice visit the National Landlord's Association.

Report it

To report drug dealing in your local community, in your rented property or to let us know about any suspicious behaviour you may believe is drug dealing call us on 101.

You can also report it anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or via their online form.

Support from local councils

You can seek support from Wiltshire Council services as well as Swindon Borough services.

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