'Citizens in Policing' is a term used nationally to describe the thousands of people across the UK who volunteer and give up their time to support our police service.

The role of citizens in policing is vital - volunteers increase the capacity of our constabularies, bringing their own valuable skills and expertise to police teams, creating closer and more effective relationships with our communities. These people give up their free time to support in a variety of policing roles for a number of reasons.

Our vision is for Volunteers to use their diverse range of skills to support us in the improving public confidence in the police service by providing the 'Best Possible Service'.

By embracing the Citizens in Policing ethos we can truly empower communities to be able to participate meaningfully in supporting their own neighbourhoods.

Citizens in Policing volunteer roles are currently listed under the following categories:

Police Support Volunteers
Can you spare a few hours a week to assist Wiltshire Police's supporting officers and staff? Can you offer professional skills, support in administrative tasks or as educators to the public? Whatever your role Police Support Volunteers have a positive impact on the constabulary and the communities we serve.
If you would like to make a real difference in Wiltshire communities while gaining valuable skills, training and experience, and can commit to volunteering at least 16 hours per month, then the Special Constabulary could be for you. Wiltshire Police aim to recruit a minimum five cohorts of Special Constables per year with recognised pathways now established into the regular force. Apply now ...
Aged between 13 and 18 and want to know more about policing? Then Police Volunteer Cadets could be for you. You will be provided with a uniform and undertake a structured training programme during weekly meetings before an attestation and passing out parade. Cadets are given a unique insight into policing with the opportunity to visit different departments across the force.
Watch Schemes
Police Forces and affiliated organisations work together every day to keep our communities safe. Each affiliated organisation specialises in an area which assists the police including crime prevention, pursuing of offenders, missing people or helping the vulnerable. Community Speed Watch and Neighbourhood watch are examples.
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