As of Monday 7 September 2020, all Wiltshire Police enquiry offices have reopened with 'COVID Secure' measures being put in place to protect both the public and our officers and staff.

We fully appreciate that some people will still not feel confident attending enquiry offices. We want to reassure you that you are still able to contact us through a variety of means, including the 999 emergency and 101 non-emergency numbers, our website, and using the yellow phones positioned outside enquiry offices.


Which enquiry offices are closed?

What safety measures have been put in place?

I am a registered sex offender. How do I register if my enquiry office remains closed?

I am on bail. How do I register if my enquiry office remains closed?

I am a foreign national, how do I register now?

How do I report a road traffic collision?

How do I get my seized vehicle released?

How do I collect my property which was seized in a police investigation?

How do I report a crime?

How do I speak to my local policing team?

I have a specific concern, who can I speak to?

I have been asked to produce vehicle documentation i.e. driving license, how do I do this?

How do I make an appointment with an officer or member of staff?

How do I make a local resolution payment?

How do I surrender a firearm?

How do I dispose of knives?

Where can I get crime prevention advice and guidance?


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