In this section:

Information about you
Find out what information we hold about you
Freedom of Information Requests
Where to find information about Wiltshire Police
Register as a Foreign National
How to register as a foreign national living in Wiltshire
What to do if you require fingerprints
Firearms Licensing
Everything you need to know about firearms, licences and staying safe
Ride Along Scheme
The Ride Along Scheme is the opportunity to follow police staff for a single shift, open to Wiltshire residents.
Collect my property
Find out how and when to collect your property that has been seized as part of an investigation
Pedlar's certificate
How to apply for a pedlar's certificate
Seized vehicles
We have the power to seize/remove vehicles under a wide range of different circumstances. Find out more and how to recover your seized vehicle.
Click here to visit the Horizon website, which gives information and guidance on what you can do if you've been a witness to, or victim of, crime.
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