Anyone who goes from place to place selling small goods on foot needs a pedlar's certificate.

A pedlar is different from a licensed street trader. A pedlar moves from place to place to sell goods, but a street trader trades from a fixed stall. A pedlar cannot trade from a fixed pitch.

To apply for a pedlar's certificate,Icon for word fill in and complete the application form [197KB]. Take it into your nearest enquiry office at one of our police stations

We have also created some Icon for word guidance notes [151KB] to help complete the form

A pedlar's certificate costs £12.25

If you want to set up trade in a particular location, such as a market place, you need a street trader's certificate which you obtain from your local council. To apply for a street trader's certificate visit:

Wiltshire Council's website

Swindon Borough Council's website

Fines and penalties

You must produce your certificate if someone asks to see it.

If you work as a pedlar without a certificate, or you let someone else use yours, you could be fined up to £200.

You could also get a prison sentence of up to 6 months if you give false information when you apply or if you make or carry a forged certificate.

What does a certificate allow you to do?


After you've applied

Renewing your pedlar's certificate

Selling food products with a pedlar's certificate

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