Find out how to report issues in your local community. 

In this section:

Anti-social behaviour and noise nuisance
Find out about who to contact about anti-social behaviour towards you or in your area
Find out when you need to call us and when it's your local council who can help resolve your parking issues. In certain circumstances you might need to consult with the Citizens Advice Bureau.
Disputes with neighbours
Find out who deals with landlord and tenant disputes, neighbour complaints, boundary disputes, house parties and illegal raves.
Animal protection and welfare
Animal welfare, report a lost or found dogs, concern for animals and report issues in your local community with dog fouling. Here is advice on who can help you.
Find out what to do if you spot fly tipping, littering or find graffiti.
Audible alarms
Find out when we attend audible alarms and when we don't.
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