If you're worried you've been a victim of fraud, or if you believe you've uncovered a fraud, you need to report it.

Remember, there will be others in a similar position. Even if they were unsuccessful with you, they will learn from this experience and could manage to defraud someone next time.

Information you provide may be vital in stopping someone else becoming a victim.

To report fraud visit the  Action Fraud website or call them on 0300 123 2040 (Monday - Friday 8am to 8pm, closed Saturday and Sunday)

Visit Action Fraud

Concerned about someone you know?

Some adults may be especially vulnerable to fraud and financial abuse. If you're concerned about someone you know, contact your local Social Services and ask for Adult Social Care.

Although most cases will now be dealt with by Action Fraud, certain cases are still handled by us.


  • The crime is in progress
  • The offender is at the scene or nearby
  • The offender is known to you and resides in Wiltshire
  • The victim is vulnerable

- you will need to report fraud to us. Just fill in a report form, call 101 or visit a police station in person.

For more information about Action Fraud click here

To get more help and advice on frauds, scam and cybercrimes, see the links on this page

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